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Vapor Vertebrae 05-2015 Part C









Ostensibly for the contrapuntal purpose of annihilating all hiragana and kanji of the the vaporworld, Future Funk luminary Tendencies has a particularly cheeky title in store for his stomper: nothing. It’s just an untitled void, worshipping the blankness of the nullspace. Even the front artwork addresses this jejune situation in an apposite way. Thankfully, the track itself is supercharged with gregarious life-affirming goodness. From the blurred morphogenetic haze over the juxtaposition of a funky guitar granuloma and semi-aqueous glitter synths to the vitreous translucency of the synth stab-accompanied sunrise, Tendencies’ untitled ecomorph showcases laid-back suprematism all around. The textural range is aglow and diverse, and there are salubrious male vocal sections in the last third alright, but the song’s midtempo physiognomy never leads to the sentiment of this being an overproduced clavicular surfactant. Energetic nonetheless due to the spiky hi-hats and cutting-edge mastering, the funkmaster fills the untitled ribcage with stratiform sustenance.

Twitter: @tendencies_____





愛 vivi
Unlimited Data






One look at Los Angeles-based artist 愛 vivi’s artwork that’s agglutinated to Unlimited Data, and chances are that its periglacial whiteness is immediately linked to the above context regarding Tendencies. Luckily, the pixel art of a vintage computer not only tinges the cathartic emptiness, but also serves a trenchant stylistic purpose. With Unlimited Data, 愛 vivi wants to target the era of the infamous AOL Instant Messenger, and while the depicted computer model may be a tad too antediluvian for the self-chosen purpose, it is still a fitting fibroblast into the past. The attached hashtag #Meditation rounds off the set of exogenous markers, now to the song itself: after the soothing pentatonicism of a synthetic koto, the track transforms into a fusillade of staccato hi-hats and twirling punctilios. Adjacent to their tetragonal appearance, short allusions to Vaportrap symbolism. Purposefully desiccate and emaciated, it is as if 愛 vivi’s Unlimited Data comes with a price: unlimited data doesn’t translate into unlimited bandwidth at the end of the day, so throttle the 3D synth patches and go for the calcined state of purity. A wondrous flashback indeed.

Twitter: @vivisfv











A mere finger exercise of less than two minutes comes in the shape of cruising, made by everyone’s favorite cybergirl Cyberlust aka Lola from Argentina. That the title is written in all-small letters makes it automatically less prone to conniption or spectacular sensationalism, but this is exactly the right attitude when the agglutinated soundscape is inspected further. While no Ambient song per se, the easygoing flaring make cruising sensorially apprehensive. Crimson-red sunset guitar licks are deeply embedded in a fundament of comparatively energetic hi-hat scythes. That this mirage remains a lilt can be linked to the volatile frostiness of the square lead piano whose aqueous viscidity radiates orographic dew drops. Distant synth strings put the finishing touches on this oneiric reverie. This is Vaporwave/Funk, no doubt, but diffracted through Cyberlust’s prism. The duology does therefore inherit an adiabatic Ambient core and ultimately makes cruising a polymer-alloyed fluid-processed example of relaxing vitalism.

Twitter: @cyberlusttt











Call him histrionic and volcanic, but Michael Green aka DIY▲PYЯΛMID is ipso facto one of the most fascinating net artists, always bringing up a painful subject which is then mobbed up by his Portlandian viewpoint of British humour. Residing in the artificial boundaries of Second Life where he makes friends and foes alike and exhibits vernissages of his own GIFs and pectin-coated moments in still life, the thing I adore him most for is finally brought back by the luminary himself: music. After almost quitting music because of malfunctioning OS X installations, the above #REDEMPTION is part of the artist’s healing process… although its all-caps state hamper this undertaking. Be that as it may, #REDEMPTION is an epigenetic masterstroke, rotoscoping between modern Ambient and sunlit New Age vestibules, with futuristic lasers, pulses and gluons magnanimously added to the ensuing photoevaporation. The droning synth layers are diaphanous and ablaze with salubrious arabesques, cautiously blurred on the one hand, then protrusive polyphonous planetesimals on the other. Streamlined and bleepy, DIY▲PYЯΛMID’s diffeomorphism shimmers through and makes this chirality a success. Now pleeease watch your hard drives, yeah?

Twitter: @metadiamonds





Space Candy
私をテキストCall Me ☎ ☎ ☎






No word shall be lost about the source material in Alex’s aka Space Candy’s latest vapor ventiduct of the funky kind, as the artist is kind enough to depict the origin of the sampled barycenter wherever he can: the reinterpretation of this unmentioned classic is found in the in-your-face-attitude of the title which is – quelle surprise – 私をテキスト C A L L M E ☎ ☎ ☎. In addition, the front artwork sports a posh pink foldaway phone in front of a bouquet of flowerage. So far, so good. Space Candy is most of the time releasing completely unique material, with all synth patches and tone sequences envisioned by himself, so this song is naturally a potential risk. But no worries, this belligerent remix is done so exquisitely well that no problem shall arise whatsoever. The tempo is revved up, the beat structure built anew, and best of all, this tunnel vision leads back to the past, what with the chattering Japanese girls, caulking Funk blebs and clever use of filters. The four-to-the-floor aesthetic is now staggeringly audible, the kickdrum reigns in full force. All this naturally doesn’t allow contemplation, nor is the cross-linkage with the moniker Space Candy audible at all, but this is desponded nit-picking on my behalf: 私をテキスト C A L L M E ☎ ☎ ☎ severely rocks!

Twitter: @spacecandymusic





American Online
Summer On Repeat (1996)

<Palma Violet>





Birmingham, UK is not exactly the sunshine state of the world, and that’s the reason why, according to its honorary citizen American Online himself, the album Palma Violet is so comparatively short: its duration reflects the amount of sunshine England is receiving, though whether that’s per day or year is for the artist to know and us to find out. Things look frilly and vermillion in the first single Summer On Repeat (1996) though, and granted, there’s nostalgia embroidered in this tune. The depicted landscape is a polyfoil perianth made of gorgeously warped synth percolations, New Age-oid Rhodes piano helixes and a potassium-covered bassline that bubbles and pulsates through the elasticized suntrap. While the song seems to be elasticized and slowed down – it’s Vaporwave after all, Sherlock! – the runtime of approximately 90 seconds is the antagonistic force that threatens the amethystine aureoles of American Online’s pipe dream. This soothing verglas estuary could float on forever, I wouldn’t mind at all: Summer On Repeat (1996) is a gemstone, autochthonous, resting in itself, fully aware of its cajoling serration of melancholia and uplifting outlooks into the future, reminding me of the best enchanted nightvisions of コンシャスThoughts. American Online is another artist to watch.

Twitter: @Online_American



Vaporwave Review 083: Vapor Vertebrae 05/2015 [Part C]. Originally published on May 27, 2015 at AmbientExotica.com.