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Vapor Vertebrae 06-2015 Part C




<Computer Love>





What a wonderful hypanthium: astonishingly hazy, eminently pulsatile, simultaneously industrial and nomological. Enter Together by Draven Stedman aka 懐かし2002津波 whose fittingly nostalgic tsunami is equally enigmatic as it is perfectly prismatic. The basic gist of this first Computer Love album teaser is freely given away in the title already, and I don’t think I neither spoil the surprise nor scare away the interested party in giving away a certain astleycarious moment that is elasticized, sustained and celebrated in this tune. The title is a warning and self-referential at the same time, but the actual soundscape begs for your attention. The Synth Pop classic is almost unrecognizable, not just slowed down or plasticized away, but rhythmically altered, letting its scything brass layers protrude the amniotic cell tissue in juxtaposition with the vitreous verglas vesicles of Yamaha origin. The mood is exciting and laid-down, sun-dappled and molybdenized, orthonormal and longitudinal. How is it even possible that DMT Tapes head honcho Vito tops this engineered erethism off with such a visually stunning music video?

Twitter: @DravenStedman
Video: by Vito





2047 A.D.
도시를 탈출

<새로운 삶을 시작>





Is this a polymer from Seoul or pectin from a soul? Enter 2047 부드러운 아픈 aka 2047 A.D. whose gorgeously ethereal 도시를 탈출 roughly translates into escaping the city, and since it is not given away whether the track title is an ongoing endeavor or a theoretical possibility, maybe even a far-fetched dream to come true one day, the artist makes sure to supercharge the runtime of seven and a half minutes with various congruent states, augmenting an aliphatic string of events in a handcrafted phoresy, with no sampled perturbation in sight. 도시를 탈출 is the opener from a mechanistic ribcage of a vapor album, so the song itself morphs and oozes ad infinitum: from the matutinal silk that is poured into the anacrusis, the song ventures into millennial Glitch crackles and rhombohedral square lead pulses, eventually giving in to a gravitational beat momentum that is metallic and serious. The finale, then, is a handclap-infested punctilio fusillade of violent phragmoplasts and strychnine lozenges. Daunting, overawing, hectoring. If the city is left for a better place is revealed on the album.

Twitter: @2047_sicksoft











自信 is about trust, 自信 is about confidence, 自信 is more specifically about the vapor veils of Luis aka Tilvera whose inaugural saprotrophs are promising chloroderivatives of the V-genre, made in Germany, brought to the listener via the internet, eventually understood by the amalgamation of synaptic distension and mutual micrometry. The front artwork pushes all the right buttons already, depicting the cautiously washed-out vermillion visuals of an indistinct megacity. The attached track, however, is a guitar-driven mélange – or mirage? – of aqueous shapes, soothingly slapped strings, stratiform telomeres. The eight-note lead melody is just nostalgic enough to not cross the boundaries into a petrifying state of reminiscence. Palinopsia-driven filters and hi-hat solanums round off the sanctuary and caulk the nullspace called night, making its gravitas much more tolerable through the power of unerring clarity. We talk about 自信 after all.

Twitter: @tilveravapor





In The Digital World

<Cruisin' EP>





Future Funk forester Aviscerall aka Aaron Turner tames the beast in the appropriately titled Cruisin’ EP from which the above In The Digital World derives. Additionally known as Groovy Godzilla, the material he produces under the moniker Aviscerall is loaded with filmogenic proteins and used for a more soulful approximation of the season. Despite its technocratic title, In The Digital World contains more than enough room for marimbalicious laissez-faire lariats in the sun-kissed proselytizing peritoneum. The fluvio-lacustrine conflation of the marimba with a turquoise steelpan granuloma only boosts the tropical thiazide further, bringing a Caribbean phototropism to your current location that is as ultramafic as it is epigenetic. The magenta disco strings sound apocryphal, true that, but their Hip Hop-underlined existence only interpolates the tastily equimolar cocktail. A Mallsoft Calypso at its core, audaciously catchy, eminently paradisiac. It’s great for a change to gaze around the beach without spotting Godzilla on the horizon. 

Twitter: @aviscerall_GG





Trancecorp Research Team
End This Summer

<Original Mix>





What happens in Minnesota doesn’t stay in Minnesota, or else you wouldn’t read these lines over the internet, ain’t that great? The previously featured Trancecorp Research Team, guided and embodied at the same time by the versatile producer alternatively known as TRANCE.BIZ, crosses paths with the local Beauty Supply Label, the result being the ill-titled End This Summer, a bewildering alternative to a fittingly never-ending flood of Endless Summer singles and similarly titled deeds. Presented here is the Original Mix as envisioned by the artist herself, launching suavely with a blotchy yttrium crystal groove whose staccato enshrines the very artificial-natural synchronism that makes Vaporwave and its adjacent niches so delightful. The arpeggiated lanthanum pool flows and flitters into blurry alcoves before it hits a raucous-abrasive stadium rave physiognomy of sinewed power, or in short: oomph! Both the polyphony and euphony are never let out of sight, making End This Summer an aural U-turn after all, fully embracing the estival erethism with a chopped robotic/organic magnetotail of panchromatic hue. 

Twitter: @trancedotbiz @cosmoprofvevo



Vaporwave Review 102: Vapor Vertebrae 06/2015 [Part C]. Originally published on Jun. 30, 2015 at AmbientExotica.com.