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Vapor Vertebrae 06-2016



Windows 98の
スレノディ - 建物が落ちる (OSCOB Remix)

<インターネット Tape>





One wouldn't expect the progression vaporlord OSCOB undertakes with his remix of Orlando-based multifaceted persona Windows 98's  スレノディ - 建物が落ちる, but once the first endohedrical quercetin-coated cotton-wadded legato flume oozes into the not-so-faraway distant in order to make room for an eclectic gallimaufry of shuffling sprinkler shakers, ground loop buzzes and stylophonic corkscrew coils amidst a tastefully apocryphal Oriental timbre, you know you are in for a real treat. Taken off Windows 98's インターネット (internet band) album as released in April on Ottawa, Ontario's very finest Lost Angles label, the gentlemen's agreement presumably comprised of one particular focal point: allowing both the original and the remix to be as diaphanous and translucent as possible while at the same time elasticizing and streamlining the prongs, spikes and edges of the crystalline entities. The result is genuinely heartfelt as OSCOB trades in his occasional tongue-in-cheek manner for an angelic-adaxial hydrazine within the interstice of Ambient and Vaporwave.

Twitter: @VirtualPlazaMax   @windows98wave   @lostangleslabel





Conscious Thoughts
Do You Feel It






The day had to come eventually, even though his fan base has completely absorbed the Japanese-English synergy of the artist's name in the meantime; for what it's worth, Glaswegian Future Funk/Vaporwave luminary Chris gets semi-rid of his moniker コンシャスTHOUGHTS in order to embody and embrace his new life as Conscious Thoughts. Since this is luckily the translation of his former name and he has been called this way in podcasts, radio shows and mixes anyway, nothing changes, especially not the punchy immediacy of his tunes. Do You Feel It is prototypical Thoughts material, no doubt about that. Better still: it has no question mark in the title making the tune a rather appellative endeavor once again. From the Rhodes-flavored chime flares over the gnarly-dry but deliciously pulsatile bass melody to the cowbell-oid synthetism of the aureate reticulation, this instrumental locale breathes insouciance and carefreeness on a milquetoast, contemplative manner. As always, Chris allows intermediate gradients to grace his compositions, proving time and again that Future Funk is open for multinucleate meanings and ancillary paths in the wake of the next weekend.

Twitter: @ChrissyCray1





Dan Mason ダン·メイソン
In My Dreams Tonight

<Late Nite EP>





Let's move to Orlando, Florida once more — and it won't be the last time in this Vapor Vertebrae edition either — and include frequently featured artist Dan Mason ダン·メイソン in the circle of producers that travel between the poles known as Future Funk and Vaporwave. The former's sizzling immediacy is coupled with the latter's fuzzy immersion in the six-track EP (or mini album) Late Nite, released on Vito's DMT [REC] label, making the work Dan Mason's fifth release on the label overall. Considering the nocturnal theme, Dan Mason hits the sweet spot from start to finish. After a piano divebar anacrusis, our guy addresses the vintage vapor audience by adhering to the well-known standard of slowing down an R'n'B saprotroph. The vocals are over the top, i.e. soulful, polyphonous, silkened. They'd better be: In My Dreams Tonight is the outro of Dan Mason's EP, so a sumptous state of bliss is not only appreciated, but mandatory. 

Twitter: @DanMasonVapor





FRECCIAROSSA feat. Spunk Floyd






The project of FRECCIAROSSA hails from Florida as well, thus making me question whether I accidentally or not have featured the same person behind the majority of the featured monikers time and again in this here Vapor Vertebrae edition; you never know for sure in this handle-heavy cesspool we so adore. Whether this applies here or not, FRECCIAROSSA fraternizes with Spunk Floyd in order to deliver the most archetypal Vaporwave production of the month… and I mean that in a good way, believe you me! 1-900-FREE-VST is but a vintage vision that is based on Porches' Mood as the duo freely admits in the explanatory notes: the hi-hats are softened, the midtone range harmed — or rather: elated — by phantom frequencies and compression artifacts, the saxophone curiously tired. The good kind of loneliness and pondering is hence evoked, that moonlit aura, a feeling of innocence. Vaporwave has surely evolved, but it's still a boon that its humble beginnings, imagined or not, are taken into account. 

Twitter: @KevinSaysStuff   @spunkfloyd


Vaporwave Review 160: Vapor Vertebrae 06/2016. Originally published on Jun. 1, 2016 at AmbientExotica.com.