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Vapor Vertebrae 11-2015 Part B



Perla Blue x Sudo
Late Night Forecast






”You should be asleep," the explanatory notes reveal, and this exclamation is important in two ways: first, it is late. And in addition, you're watching the weather forecast. Derp. As is always the case, paradise can be found in the most disheartening places and times, and it so happens that vaporwavers Perla Blue and Jack Mazin aka Sudo team up in an effort to bring you the washed out memorabilia in the shape of sound-based VHS reels of the mind. The result is called Late Night Forecast, but it is a comparatively eclectic hybrid, not unlike Perla Blue's ode to the telenovela called テレノベラ (2015). Sure, you immediately notice the vapor veils flickering in the hypanthium, that is the oily lead guitar, the insouciant crystal arabesques and rain pads, with the occasional pitch shift and slowed-down vocal. If you desire this, Perla Blue x Sudo deliver. The same, however, happens if you despise these ingredients: Perla Blue x Sudo deliver in this case too! The reason is the invigorating percussion punctilio that almost crosses the threshold to Jungle patterns. Its afterglow and calcined aura ooze through the night, adding a lively, energizing counterpart – or contretemps? – to the cathodic cathexis. Well done, my guys!

Twitter: @PRLABLU  @MazinJack





Vincent Remember
Do You Love Me?






Vapor naysayers will probably elbow Vincent Remember's question away, for who could possibly love a Vaporwave producer? But please, let's be civil for a moment or two, for the aurorally titled Do You Love Me? comprises all the right nuts and bolts of amour which are embroidered in a song that is archetypally genre-based. A slowed-down Synth Pop artifact is presented, presumably almost ”as is,” but the freq-related alterations are a thing to cherish regardless. Deep vocals, crystalline four-note nebulae and a fantastic battery of coruscating hi-hat/cymbal light sources make this a surprisingly metallic piece. Especially the molybdenized percussion rolls like thunder and causes a strange simultaneity of elasticized hurry: even though the song is actually slowed down, the punctilio of the cymbals puts it closer to Jungle territory. Vincent Remember delivers a scattered cocktail of fermions, so who am I to not verify the question that is posed in the song title?

Twitter: @VincentRemember





12 Hour Drive

<Snow LP>





The metamorphosis of the artist known as Lyndon is a strange and ever-potentially quirky thing to analyze. The tweets and messages are full of witty remarks and convoluted aphorisms. The music, however, is a dead-serious, highly devoted, totally different world made of grandiloquent Ambientscapes, cinematic viewpoints and angular zoetropes. More Ambient than not, rooted in cyberpunk and ameliorated with nomological nematodes, our boy London turned from 2047 부드러운 아픈 over 2047 A.D. to now just 2047 or "twenty four seven" if you will. Rarely has the distinction between comic relief and crestfallen sounds been so high and mighty than here. 12 Hour Drive appears in the context of the artist's full-length album Snow, released on No Problema Tapes, where it appears as the fifth track. Clocking in at almost ten and a half minutes, 12 Hour Drive is an unexpected beam of light, a golden-shimmering elasticized macronutrient of amicability and mutual understanding. Metallic yet warmhearted synth streams encapsulate pointillistic beep melodies, classic drum kits meet and mesh with mild-mannered rubble earthquakes, and a rising square lead cannelure boosts elation and happiness further. This is but one life-affirming anthem of Snow. And it's made by 2047. Yes, this is an epiphany for all parties involved.

Twitter: @2047_sicksoft





Based Frequency
禅蒸気 ~ Zen Vapor






Louis-André aka Based Frequency from Montreal is back on the Vapor Vertebrae train and delivers what he promises with his single 禅蒸気 ~ Zen Vapor. Basically, this song presents a mephitic stokehold granuloma that runs for over two and a half minutes, with the engineered dungeon atmosphere comprising equimolar amounts of droning recirculation pumps and helicoidal ocean waves. Both layers merge, become a plateau and form the base frame for a square lead syringa flute that towers above the increasingly nomological garden lavabo. Distant seagulls and a droning low-freq aorta round off the dichotomy of technology and nature, the ever-present pairing of antagonistic concepts. This is an Ambient track alright and therefore potentially serves as a red flag to those listeners who want the A and the V genre to remain apart. Maybe this smoke-and-mirror/cloak-and-dagger moiré is the actual inherent unique selling proposition of 禅蒸気 ~ Zen Vapor. If this were indeed the case, the lanthanum chromaticity and dithered-hatched diffeomorphism would have served their respective purposes.

Twitter: @basedfrequency





Rising Sun






Vilnius, Latvia-based (derp!) Lithuania-based Future Funk luminary aests is known for his femme fatales which he prominently agglutinates to the front artworks of his soundscapes. In the case of Rising Sun, the girl is called Suiren and epitomizes a particularly staccatofied cannelure of aureate rays and orthochromatic beams. You know the Future Funk formula perfectly well, and yes, its ingredients and literally mandatory constituents find their ways into the endemic epithelium as well: mellow fuzziness, four-to-the-floor erethism and female vox amidst guitar-and-synth arabesques. However, aests knows how to augment the incandescent beach scenery. Two particularly insouciant attractions come to mind. The first thing to notice is the merciless stop-and-go notion, the breakbeat-esque fusillade staccato fire realized by means of chopped vocals. While this effect is perfectly well-known too, it works flawlessly due to the revved up energy level. The second thing – and possible contrastive device – to cherish is the gorgeous pentatonic synth marimba or mellotron hybrid which iridesces and glitters in a delightful manner, feeling fresh and silky at the same time and potentially taming the chop-p-p-ed physiognomy of this paradise. Rise and shine, with a focus on the latter phenomenon.

Twitter: @aestsbeats



Vaporwave Review 138: Vapor Vertebrae 11/2015 [Part B]. Originally published on Nov. 17, 2015 at AmbientExotica.com.